1. Can anyone use LOOP Messenger for Free?
Yes, LOOP is free for everyone using the Global LOOP. Private LOOP’s are subscription based and come with 30-day free trials.

2. What makes LOOP Messenger different from other messaging apps?
While we have many cool features, the awesomeness of LOOP resides in its consumer friendly appeal. Whether it's our pure threaded messages, the ability to control your notifications, or the beautiful simple design; it's the experience as a whole that makes LOOP special.

3. When should I use the Global LOOP versus using a Private LOOP?
The Global LOOP is ideal when you want to create random individual groups and you don’t need the additional features of a Private LOOP. Organizations such as businesses, sports leagues, schools, church groups or any small to medium size enterprise will benefit from the private environment and the additional controls of a Private LOOP.

4. What are the benefits of Private LOOP’s over the Global LOOP?
The Owner of a Private LOOP has full control of their network of users and groups. Member control, group creation and private messaging capability are just some of the benefits.

5. Can I move my groups to LOOP Messenger?
Yes, You can use the shareable links to share your groups via email, text message, or any social network.

6. What’s the best feature people won’t initally notice?
The Event feature! When starting a new thread, you can add a GOING button and timestamp using the Event feature. This allows your group members to tap Yes, No, or Maybe if they plan on going to your event instead of having to respond with the typical, I’m in, I’m out, I can’t make it replies and prevents all the annoying notifications everyone in the group receives.

7. How do you subscribe and pay for a Private LOOP?
After creating a Private LOOP and prior to the expiration of the 30-day free trial the admin will receive an email to remit payment details for their subscription based on the applicable user tier. Private LOOP’s are free for any LOOP with less than 10 users.

8. Can organizations with more than 500 users use Private LOOP’s?
Yes, larger organizations will be welcome to utilize Private LOOP’s. Enterprise level pricing will be made available at a later date.
Photo Sharing
Admin Controls
Document Sharing
Group Polls
Photo Sharing
Admin Controls
Document Sharing
Group Polls
Subscription pricing for Private LOOP’s
Private LOOP’s are dedicated private messaging environments for any organization or network. You control your entire network of users with all the right permissions and settings.

Ideal for… Small and medium enterprises, sports teams and leagues, home school networks, schools & universities, distributed workforces, staff communication, church groups, sales teams, Girl/Boy scouts, political groups or network seeking an effective messaging solution.
Private LOOP’s
Pure threaded messaging
Pure threaded messaging will keep your conversations organized eliminating the endless streams of chat. Know who’s talking to who and where conversations start and end, it’s all neat and tidy.
The Global LOOP
After creating a LOOP account all users have access to the free Global LOOP. This is the place where anyone can create and discover individual groups from around the world. Unshackle yourself from the uncontrollable noise of other group messaging platforms.
Turn any thread into an event and see who’s going
By making a thread into an event, users no longer have to reply with the “I’m In, I’m out” replies you typcially see in group texts.
Get notifications from the groups that matter most
With high, low & off notification controls, you’re in charge of the groups that get your attention.
What’s coming in LOOP 2
Great for all types of groups
Everday Groups
Sports, clubs, hobbies, greek life, church, family networks and much more.
Discover groups by interests i.e. Crypto, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Politics and more.
The perfect messaging solution for any school or campus. Learn More
Create private workspaces using Private LOOP’s.
Learn More
Global Topics
Universities & Schools
For your organizations, teams, clubs, schools, hobby groups, family, friends or any group network. We'll keep it organized.
Threaded group
messaging done right!
Threaded group messaging done right!
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